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As of December 15th, 2017 Sound Hearing Care is now HEARALL HEARING CENTER. Sound Hearing Care is still at the same location and phone number as before. Please visit HEARALL HEARING CENTER at ​​www.hearallhearingcenter.com for more information or call us at 513-701-9322. We look forward to providing you with the same great service now as Hearall Hearing Center.​ Thank you.


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Make the most of your Listening experiences

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States.  Some loose their hearing so gradually that they do not realize it is happening. 
Over time, the sounds you hear may become distorted or muffled and it may be difficult for you to understand speech.   The first step in the treatment of a hearing problem is a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation by an audiologist to determine the type and degree of loss and the proper treatment path for you. 

Diagnostic Services

We provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations for anyone with hearing concerns, regardless of age.

Hearing Aid Services

We are committed to offering the highest quality products and services including the best hearing aids in Mason, treatment for tinnitus and assistive listening devices. 


We provide a wide array of protection for your family including swim plugs, noise protection and Musician's plugs.

What is an Audiologist

An Audiologist is the health care professional who specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of hearing loss and vestibular (balance) disorders in adults and children. 
An Audiologist can: prescribe, fit, and dispense hearing aids and other amplification and hearing assistance technologies; design and implement hearing conservation programs; provide hearing rehabilitation training such as auditory training and listening skills improvement; assess and treat individuals with Tinnitus (noise in the ear, such as ringing).
Audiologists treat all ages and types of hearing loss: the elderly, adults, teens, children, and infants. Almost all types of hearing loss are treatable.
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Sound Hearing Care is here to help you, your family and our community experience the joy of hearing.  We utilize the most current advances in diagnostic and hearing aid technology to evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss in adults and children. 
Our mission is to help you experience the joy of hearing and improve your quality of life. 
​​Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing and Digital Hearing Aids Service