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Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation:
A hearing test is the first step in determining if a hearing loss is present.  Otoscopic examination reveals
whether or not the ear canal is clean and clear or if there is fluid, wax or other debris inhibiting sound from entering the system properly.  A hearing test should include: an Otoscopic examination, air and bone conduction testing, and speech recognition and speech discrimination testing.


Middle Ear Monitoring:
Objective measures of tympanometry and middle ear acoustic reflexes are available to evaluate the middle ear including the determination of middle ear fluid, congestion, tympanic membrane perforations, acoustic nerve function, etc.


Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs):
OAE's are an objective measure of cochlear hair cell function. It is used to evaluate hearing sensitivity in infants, but has applications for malingering, monitoring of cochlear function due to ototoxicity, and determining site of lesion.

Hearing Instruments / Hearing Aids:
We provide high quality advanced hearing instruments for hearing impairment and Tinnitus (ringing of ears). The quality of the device, how it is programmed and durability of the product contribute to how well you function with the device. 

We participate with various programs, insurances, and patient financing plans, which may assist with the financial aspect of the rehabilitation process; specifically the purchase of hearing aids.

Hearing Instrument Accessories:

Accessories for hearing aids such as dehumidifiers, amplified phones, assistive listening devices, alerting devices, battery testers, and high quality hearing aid batteries are available.

Hearing Instrument Repair:
Repair of most makes and models of hearing instruments is available.

Custom Earmolds, Swimplugs & Noise Protection:

Custom ear pieces may be needed for hearing aids (earmolds); to prevent water from entering ear canals post-surgery (Swim Plugs); or for comfortable prevention of noise-induced hearing loss (Noise Protection). 

Custom Music Products:
Custom professional in-ear musician's monitors are designed to help you hear accurately so you can perform at your peak. Custom earpieces for use with personal listening devices (mp3 players, etc.) are also available, along with specialized musician's earplugs for controlled protection from loud sounds. 

Occupational Hearing Conservation Follow-Up:

Many industries provide hearing services and protection due to OSHA regulations. Those individuals who experience a significant change in hearing, require testing with hearing aids, or need custom hearing protection devices, are referred to an audiologist. Dr. Combs is equipped to provide these services. 


Tinnitus Management: 

Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) can be triggered by a variety of causes including: exposure to loud sounds, ear infections, aging, stress, ear wax, high blood pressure and sensory disorders, to name a few.  We offer strategies and FDA approved products that can be very beneficial in the management of Tinnitus.