Custom Specialty Plugs


DefendEar Motorsports

Designed for use under a helmet to minimize
wind noise. Comfortable and easy to insert and remove. Check local laws governing use.


DefendEar Hunter Passive

For hunting and shooting and other impulsive noise environments for impulses below 160 dB peak SPL for adults, employing filters utilizing small orifice non-linear acoustics. Low NRR of 4 for awareness of game and tracking dog sounds and for ease of speech intelligibility among hunting and shooting partners.  


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DefendEar DIGITAL 1,
DIGITAL 2 and Digital Hunter

The Digital 1 provides excellent all-around noise suppression and ambient amplification for a variety of shooting environments.


DefendEar Sleeping

Designed to promote comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Great for shift workers and credited with saving many a relationship!


DefendEar Surfer

Swim plug with a sealed membrane spanning the sound bore; designed to keep cold water and cold air out of the ear canal; allows basic conversation while in the ear.