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Turn It To the Left

National Campaign from AAA

The "Turn It to the Left" Campaign is letting kids know about the hazards of noise in order to protect their hearing for a lifetime. 

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable!  Hearing is critical to children's safety and to the development of speech, listening, learning, and social skills.

The American Academy of Audiology and its Foundation are telling kids about noise-induced hearing loss.  Rapper Ben Jackson developed a rap called "Turn It to the Left" to remind kids that they can dramatically reduce their risk of hearing loss by turning the volume down on iPods and other personal stereos.

More information on the "Turn It to the Left" Campaign and Jackson's rap can be found here.

Why ask your Physician to refer you for a hearing test?

Whether younger or older, most people don't notice their own hearing loss, and wait too long to get help. 

Someone with hearing loss may not even be aware of the loss, but it can be detected with a hearing test. Children and teenagers seldom complain about the symptoms of hearing loss.  Adults may lose their hearing so gradually that they do not realize it is happening.

Over time, the sounds a person hears may become distorted or muffled, and it may be difficult for the person to understand speech. The first step in treatment of a hearing problem is a hearing evaluation by an audiologist.

At your next physical, ask your physician to refer you for a hearing test.  It is recommended that everyone have a test every five years.  If you have hearing loss, your hearing should be evaluated yearly to determine if any adjustments need to be made to your treatment plan. 

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